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our story

Like so many innovations, the breakthrough hydrodynamic technology behind w’air was the result of relentless effort and unwavering attention to detail.

For almost six years, a small group of scientists tried and tested over 11,000 combinations of air, water, surfactants, pressure and cleaning angles to eventually develop the optimal, environmentally-friendly fabric cleaning solution.

Pilot Lite, a leading venture management firm, acquired the patented technology and, from that point, w'air - and a new age of sustainable fabric care - was born.

w'air for your business

w’air is a simple-to-use fabric care device that uses pioneering hydrodynamic technology and delivers the ultimate convenience and protection for your customers and guests.


Customers can quickly clean their yoga kit before heading for coffee

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Guests can refresh their shirt before dinner

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Staff can get that makeup stain out of clothing for the next customer to try on

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effective protection against Covid-19

w’air helps prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus via clothing.

Your customers’ comfort and safety is our priority. Using w’air in refreshment mode on clothing (as well as shoes or other water-resistant personal possessions) and then placing them in a warm environment for a few hours, will eradicate the virus (99.9%).

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