Clothes Refreshment 


We’ve all got those clothes that we don’t wash as often as others or are scared of damaging in the wash. We turn a blind eye to wearing our jeans over and over again. In fact, we’re often told not to wash them at all or that they can only be treated (very chemically-intensively) at the dry cleaners. … but we are never told how to keep them fresh and be able to wear them again and again.

All you have to do is turn your W'air device on, press the trigger and engage with your fabric.  The unique patented hydro-dynamic technology propels a micronized spray and using the smart science of collisions it gently removes smelly bacteria, gently refreshing and revitalising lightly worn and delicate clothes.   


 Spot Removal

And what about keeping those trainers pristine? Or dealing with accidental spills when in a hurry? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to clean them quickly and be on your way?

We know everyone has their own secret trick to getting out annoying spots. ​ ​Most involve lots of water, lots of soap, lots of time or, maybe, just a lot of elbow grease! 

This hydrodynamic technology is all about energy and impact; the energy of the collision removes the dirt, is quick, effective and easy to use. Designed for today’s lifestyle, why wait for yet another load of laundry to get done?


W'air is great at removing every day spots, stains and spills which is a problem for all the family!

 Here's a few we tried earlier!

W’air has been tested on a wide range of pesky (yet common!) spots and stains.  It works both on wet and dried-in spots and stains.

It is effective at removing ketchup, soy sauce and maple syrup to name a few.

Rather than rely on gallons or litres of water and large quantities of detergent, you can take care of your fabric cleaning needs now, helping you get on with your day.