Getting Started
  • Follow the Quick Start instructions
  • Measure out the detergent of your choice (fragrance free, pine or lemon) to the fill line
  • Fill the reservoir with water to the fill line
  • Plug the W’air device into an electrical outlet and turn on the master switch
  • Take the wand from its cradle, and you’re ready to go!


    To Refresh Clothes or Fabrics (for longer wear between washings)
    • Hang clothes on a hanger 
    • Hold the W’air wand approx. 12” (30cm) from the garment and press the button on the wand. Pass over the fabric. Pay extra attention to cuffs, the collar and armpits on shirts and tops
    • Make sure all areas are refreshed 
    • Air dry in minutes and you are ready to go or put away for another day


    For Spot Removal

    For best results check the W'air app for how to treat your spot. Once you have found the correct treatment for the spot, be sure to use the right bottle and apply the recommended dose to the whole area. Please note the sooner you treat a spot with the W’air device the more effective the results will be.

    • Place the W’air mat directly under the part of the fabric that is to be cleaned. e.g. inside of a shirt
    • Press the button on the wand and rub directly on the spot
    • Air dry in minutes and you are ready to go 


    To keep your W’air working perfectly, check your reservoir levels regularly to make sure there is enough water and detergent for optimum performance.


    If you live in a hard water area remember to run a full reservoir with a 10ml dose of standard descaler through your w’air every 3 months. It just takes a few minutes and will ensure great results every time!