It doesn’t take a genius to realise we use a lot of natural resources and time just to feel fresh and clean.

So, why is it that with all the smart problem solvers in the world, no one’s improved the way we freshen our favourite clothes, making them last longer and keeping them out of the landfill?  Why have we been cleaning our clothes and fabrics the same way for so long?


At W’air Sustainable Clothing Care we have developed an innovative new way to do just that! 

Our revolutionary W'air device uses collision science to remove bacteria and odours from lightly warn clothes so you can re-wear them again and again, helping you to reduce the resources you use and is less time intensive than traditional washing .

Simply and efficiently, W'air helps you to refresh and remove spots and stains from your clothes.  All while using only a tiny fraction of water, detergent, energy and time - resulting in your favourite clothes looking better and lasting longer, which is better for you and better for the environment.



Meet The W'air Team