W'air is a simple-to-use, clothing care device that uses unique patented technology. W'air's technology combines a gentle burst of air with just a tiny bit of water and soap to refresh clothes and other fabrics and remove spots and spills.



The collision science behind W'air produces a very precise micronised spray that effectively removes dirt, grime and odour-causing bacteria. This is no ordinary combination, but a patented hydro-dynamic technology using the science of collisions to clean and extend the lifespan of your clothes.



This spray gently removes bacteria and odours in a way that traditional cleaning methods do not. When the energy and impact from W’air collides with the fabric, the collisions repel smelly bacteria, restoring freshness and cleanliness. 




With just a couple of short blasts, the stains and odours are forced out of the fabric. W'air will quickly remove spots and stains and leave your clothes looking and feeling refresher.


W’air gets out spots, spills, smells and bacteria better and smarter than current products, hacks or Granny's old techniques (!) because of simple, common-sense science, whilst being a whole lot better for the environment.